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Hittin’ the Road …

Hopefully I’ll be hitting the road for a fun filled adventure to Ohio on Wednesday. I’m getting things in order and packing my stuff up. My good friend Dan Sperry, may be joining the fun … flying into Ohio for the Magi-Fest convention. My first stop will be in Indianapolis to meet up with my long time friend, Tom Rozoff. He’s performing school shows in the area so, I’ll see his morning shows on Thursday. We’ll grab some lunch then it’s off to Columbus for the convention. I’m crossing my fingers that everything back at home will be fine while I’m away.

Today I spent most of the day down in the basement .. again. You would think I’d be done by now .. but its getting there. I am trying to clear out some of the junk that I’ve accumulated over the years. Its always … “I can use that one day” kind of thinking that really starts to pile up. I’m getting better at it … but its always a bit difficult. I’ll feel a lot better when the basement is situated. Then I’ll finally get back to work in the shop … its been while.

Today .. I’ll probably go to the vet with my snake, Samantha .. she’s been acting up again. It won’t be easy of course, with the weather we’ve got here in Chicago .. its a bit chilly right now. For a cold-blooded animal .. it can be fatal, so I’ll have to be extra careful with her on the drive.

I’ll have a lot to write about when I return on Sunday evening .. and that of course is Super-bowl Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be back home in time to see the end of the game. I’ll be returning from a visit in Bowling Green, Ohio earlier in the day. Who would have thought the Chicago Bears would be playing this year .. but they are. Its been a long time since we’ve seen a Super-bowl championship .. but even if they don’t win .. I’m glad they’re in it, that’s what really counts.

Until then I’ll be singing the Super-bowl Shuffle from back in the 80’s …


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409