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With a Few Minutes to Spare …

My best thinking is done while I’m driving .. if I don’t write it down then, it’s lost. I had some clever title for todays blog .. but I forgot it. I’ve got six minutes before I hop in the shower .. so this will be a quick update as I’ve got a couple of shows today. Lets see, I’m back from Ohio .. it was a fun time. I’ll have to get back to all that one day at time … because of course it was jam-packed. I do have a clever title for our 2am run to White Castle .. but you’ll just have to wait on that one, I did write it down. My good friend Dan Sperry flew in for the adventure in Columbus .. so there was plenty of chaos … and yet we didn’t get into too much trouble. I’ll get back to some of that too.

Alright .. I’ve got two minutes or I’ll be thrown off schedule. Its freezing out here in the mid-west .. we’ve been in the single digits for two weeks. We really could use a good thaw. I love being outside with my little buddy, Rex .. but its just too cold some days. I could go on and on .. but its 2:01pm .. I’m late .. hope you’re happy …


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409