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Jackie’s Magic …

backstage.jpgIt was a long ride up to Gurnee, IL yesterday .. the road construction is ridiculous around here. Angel was in town and joined me for this special event. Jackie’s Magic is a food drive for the families in northern Illinois. We were glad to be part of the show again this year.

Once we arrived for set up .. the stage was filled with props. It looked like show was sponsored by the As you can see in the pic .. it’s very chaotic. We were doing a short 12 minute spot in the show .. so, we were set up pretty fast. This time around I carefully selected what I would do in the show .. and it really payed off. The audience really responded well to our act and got a lot of great comments after the show. Many of my good friends were also performing including Marshall Brodien, Mark & Sue Holstein and the Balsters. We all work really well together .. there are no attitudes backstage.

After the meet and greet session we learned that the school alarm would go off in an hour and the school would be fined, big time. That means the load out would have to be fast .. real fast! It wasn’t a problem for me but, the rest of the stage was filled with equipment. Of course I stuck around and got things moving, we made it out with 15 minutes to spare!

It’s amazing what goes through your head when your a performer. On minute your on stage, the lights are shining bright .. with everyones attention. The next moment, you’re on the road … digging through a bag of Taco Bell, while calling a friend across the country and telling them how the show went. The highs and lows can be extreme .. and only a performer can understand. I try to keep things in check and lead a pretty normal life .. I think. I’m lucky enough to do what I love .. and if you love your job, you never work a day of your life.

My star shined bright last night .. and I’m very thankful for that ..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409