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You Are What You Eat …

skyline.jpgSo, I stayed in last night .. which is a rare occasion. A winter storm was heading our way and it was coming fast. We dropped 50 degrees in one day .. really. Early in the morning it was really pretty nice out .. around 50. Then in the afternoon the temps started to drop .. all the way down to zero by the evening. I decided to visit my friend eBay online for a few things I couldn’t live without.

For some unknown reason my brother got the urge to make some pasta .. thats spaghetti for all the non-Italians out there. So, I dug out a can of Skyline Chili one of my friends gave me before the holidays. This was my chance … I’ve been dying for some. You may be confused but, a 3-way from Skyline starts out with spaghetti then chili, then a mound of cheese. You top it all off with some oyster crackers. Now if this didn’t make your stomach turn, you’ll see my dinner to the left. It really wasn’t that bad .. it had the taste, just not the presentation. I did clean my plate and even gave Rex a sample. My mom and brother thought I was out of my mind.

blizzardh3.jpgThe storm continued and we only managed to get out there for a very short time. The wind was cutting right through .. up to 50 miles an hour. A few inches of snow accumulated .. but, no big deal. Currently its -1 degree outside .. you get use to it.


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409