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A Night Out on the Town …

Last Monday there was a special dinner and show presented by the Wizards Club of Chicago. Mother was well enough to attend and really had a good time. Over the years she’s become friends with many of the performers I work with. Everyone was glad to see her .. and she got all dressed up for the evening. I was working backstage that night .. but, I did get to sit down for the meal. My brother drove her home while I finished packing up. Only a few days later .. she’s back in the hospital again. She usually just goes in for a “tune-up” .. as I like to call them, but .. they’re keeping her in almost a week now. I guess the doctors say it’s her asthma acting up again .. and maybe a slight infection. She bounces back quickly .. and she’ll be alright, this time around. I don’t think I could sit still for even a day .. not to mention a week!

Keep Ma in your thoughts and prayers .. this way I can get a little rest myself.


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409