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A Vent and his Dummy …

In the performing arts a “vent” is short for ventriloquist .. you know, while keeping your lips closed you do the talking for the “dummy.” So, I’m watching the “Today” show this morning and sure enough they had Mr. Drew Peterson with his lawyer. I think you see where I’m going with this. I might as well be watching a stupid puppet show as the lawyer was doing all the talking for the “dummy.” If you look close you might even see the lawyers hand up .. ah, never mind. It just gets me sick .. as you know this is a personal situation and I’ll do everything I can to see this guy behind bars. The so called “exclusive” interview was a waste of time.

Enough of all that .. I actually dig go see a vent last Friday and it helped get my mind off of things. Jeff Dunham and friends were playing at the Rialto Theater in nearby Joliet. You may have even seen him on Comedy Central or his DVD at all the major retailers. The show was really fun, I’ve seen him a few times before and he’s always got fresh material. The place was packed, two sold out shows that night .. I couldn’t believe it. He really is on top of his game right now … selling out theaters across the country. You can check him out online at his website or even on If he’s in your area .. get tickets fast, I highly recommend his show.

It was mostly adults in the audience but, I did see a few kids in the mix. He did slip a couple of swears in the show .. actually it was the puppet, so Jeff can’t be to blame … right?? It’s good to see people going to the theater again especially for an act in the variety arts. There is still hope that magic will be on an upswing again .. and people will see magic the way it should be seen, live and in person.


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409