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Better Than the Alternative …

bobby.jpgThings are pretty much back to normal around here .. mother is on my case as usual and things keep breaking around the house. Today, I nearly killed myself falling off a ladder. Last time I worked on the garage doors … I wound up in the hospital with metal in my eye. I’m not sure if I wrote about that .. but it wasn’t fun. This time around, I twisted my ankle as I was stepping down .. I fell backwards, and lucky for me .. the bumper on my van broke my fall. Actually I hit my head on the bumper .. and no, it didn’t knock any sense into me.

In other news .. it was my birthday the other day. The weather was beautiful .. just like I ordered. I took my little boy, Rex, for his walk and thanked God for another year. Sure, it was a rough year for me .. I lost some very special people in my life .. but I’m still alive and well .. what more can you ask for? Later that night we had a dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and then a stop at Target .. yes, that’s where I go on my birthday. Actually, we were saving the fun for the next evening. Tonight, I had a few friends meet up at Famous Dave’s in Naperville for dinner. The food is just awesome there .. and they took good care of us. Afterward, we went back to the Manor and had some pie from Bakers Square. As you can see in the photo .. you never know what is going to happen when we get together. These are my friends .. and I wouldn’t have it any other way ..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409