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Free Lunch …

Yesterday was a long day .. I was up early, not by choice though. Little Rex apparently had an accident in the kitchen .. so that had to be cleaned up first thing. Yes, the magic superstar does it all .. yuck .. hope you’re not eating your lunch right now. Anyway .. I couldn’t get back to sleep, and I go to bed late .. oh well. I had to get moving early for yet another visit to the dentist. You know when they tell you to go every six months .. listen.
My mother was in the hospital for a few days .. kinda like she needed a tune-up. I was in the area and they were letting her come home .. so I decided to grab some lunch. I still wasn’t feelin’ too hot after being drilled and filled .. but I still had my appetite. I went to my favorite sandwich shop .. Jimmy John’s .. and ordered my usual .. a number five with mayo. This is where it gets interesting .. you see I went to pay, and the manager says it’s on the house. Now, I’m a regular customer .. but it was a real nice surprise .. it actually made my day, at that point. I was still a little baffled .. but I figured someone above was smiling on me today. So, I’m ready to dig in and the manager comes to the table and wanted to ask me something important. You see, he was just in Las Vegas and saw David Copperfield perform. He wanted to know if his magic was the real thing .. apparently he knew I was a magician. He had never seen a show like his .. and I think it was really bothering him. In the theater, magic can feel very real .. very powerful .. and it does scare some people, I could see it in his eyes. I even run into people that see what we do as the Devil’s work .. and they are serious. I simply explained to him that our goal is to bring wonder back into your life .. just like when you were a child, everything was magical. If Copperfield had real magic powers .. would he be making a car appear on stage? I think not .. there are a few more important things to do with that kind of a gift. It’s all about entertainment .. creating a sense of wonder.

Of course I wanted to lie and tell him it was all real and so on …. but that would be cruel. Besides .. I did get a free lunch out of the deal.


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409