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Get On Your Dancing Shoes …

Wow .. Time is just flying by once again. The holidays are now just memories … hopefully good ones. I’ve got plenty to write about .. I’m not sure what I’ve been so busy with the past few weeks. I guess that’s just how it goes this time of year. We had some shows but, it was nothing like years in the past. Many companies have eliminated their holiday parties and that includes any entertainment that went along with that. I survive somehow or another .. it’s feast or famine in this business.

The holidays were pretty quiet over at Chezaday Manor .. and that’s fine with me. We had some visitors here and there .. and my mother managed to stay out of the hospital this month. In fact she just had her birthday last week. I surprised her with tickets to see her favorite show .. “Dancing with the Stars.” Let me tell you it wasn’t easy getting seats as this was a sold-out event. I’ve never really watched the show .. but, I would sit through it for mother. My brother Jeff also attended and it was a good thing … mother needs a bit of help getting around with her condition. Sometimes it’s more than one can handle.

The goal was to stay well enough for the big night and everything went just fine. The staff at the Allstate Arena were very helpful in getting mother to her seat. The lights went down and the crowd went wild.  I couldn’t help to think that the show could use a bit of magic to break up all the dancing, maybe next time around.  Mother enjoyed herself and it was time for a late night meal at Bakers Square.  I’m just glad she was well enough to go .. what would I do with the extra ticket!


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409