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Last Sunday in September …

It’s always been a special time of year for me .. the fall is just beautiful in Chicago.  I can still remember my dad mowing the lawn with his shirt off.  My brother would be planted on the couch watching the football game.  Of course things were much simpler back then and time just keeps flying by.  If only I could turn back the clock .. now that would be magic.

As I write .. it is the last Sunday in September.  I have some stories to catch up on still .. and I will get to all the summer fun.  I’ve also got a lot of cool stuff coming up and I wanted to fill you in on some of that too.  First off .. I’ve been writing for an online magic publication called the New Tops.  If you wonder over to Abbott’s Magic online you’ll find some very cool stuff.   Not only is it a great source for information by some of the top professionals across the country ..  you’ll find the best, hand-crafted magic props made right here in the USA.  Check then out .. I can’t say enough good things about them.

For all my friends that have an iPod at their side .. I taped my very first Podcast interview.  It will be online this Monday 09/28 and you can find it on iTunes in the Podcast section.  Simply look up iTricks and you’ll you’ll here the latest news in the magic world.  I’ve never done an interview on the computer .. it was interesting and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Rocktober is upon us and my calendar is filling up.  Speaking of calendars .. I picked up a new desk calendar for next year.  I still like writing my schedule down … so I can see it, on paper.  I can’t tell you how many of my friends have been hounding me to get an iPhone so I’ll have it all at my fingertips.  It is an amazing gadget .. and I just love Apple stuff but,  do I really need it?  To tell you the truth .. I don’t talk much on the phone anymore, and I don’t want to be bothered 24/7.  I know it’s invaluable for travel .. but, I’m pretty much done for the year now.  If you have any words of wisdom .. drop me a note,  I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time ..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409