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It was One Long Day …

This is actually the second time I’m writing this entry, the first is lost somewhere in cyberspace. So .. we’ll start with my gig on Sunday at Max & Erma’s in Woodridge, you too can experience magic at your table from 5-8pm. Yes, I’ll even make a few balloon animals for the kids. Of course I never thought I’d be making balloons at my age but, my friend Paul simply explained that I’ll make a lot more in tips. I learned pretty fast although they all look like dogs. Sure its only three hours but when it’s busy, it really takes a lot out of you .. like working an eight hour shift. Imagine stopping at almost every table in a restaurant non-stop. Then blowing up 50-100 of those skinny balloons. Needless to say I’m pretty beat after all that and I usually take it pretty easy on a Sunday evening. I like to get a full nights rest the next day, but this Monday would be a little different.

My mother had an important test scheduled at the hospital. I was up bright and early at 6am. If you didn’t guess, I’m not a morning person .. go figure. We made it on time and we were happy to finally get some good news about her health … a huge relief of course. I still had to stop home and take care of my pets, then a quick lunch at Panera with mother. Next stop K-mart to pick up a new prescription or two for her. My day wasn’t even half over yet. By the time I was back home I had to get Rex ready for his dog training class. He actually looks forward to the ride in the car and seeing all the other Shepherds at school. As a special treat, I always stop at the local Burger King and pick up a few Whoppers. Now it was well after 9pm and I still had to pick up my brother at the airport. He was returning from a cruise with one of his buddies. There was a brief mishap with the luggage and then we were on our way to Batavia. Yes, more driving .. to drop off his friend. Now it was after midnight and I was really dragging. I made it through another day .. a really long day.


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409