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Magic Therapy ..

Last night I got the cleaning bug and began in the Magic room. I started in what I call Sheppard’s corner … that’s where I keep my treasures built by the master craftsman himself. Walter Sheppard is one of my dear friends … he fine tuned my building and painting skills … and along the way taught me a bit about life. I’m actually going to visit him next week … any time I’m in Ohio .. I’m there.

As I was cleaning some of the magic pieces he had hand crafted .. it was almost therapeutic. The hours of time that went into each prop .. the sanding, the coats of paint. All the lessons I learned from him .. all come back. He changed the way I look at things .. and I even picked up some of his bad habits. I asked him one time in the shop .. “Why do you have so many things going on at once? Why don’t you finish one thing at a time?” He replied .. “I get bored with it. When I do get something done … I get a lot done all at once.” That’s a typical answer from the master … and that’s what I look forward to hearing each time I visit …


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409