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Open Up and Say Ah …

I’ll get to that in a bit .. let’s see .. lot’s goin’ on as usual. We’re actually hitting the road next week for Ohio .. we’ll be at Magi-Fest in Columbus and making a few stops along the way. I’ll be traveling with my new Cabin Boy .. Dan Sperry. He’s also a magician … a freaky looking one at that … but I’m one to talk.

So I went last Friday to the eye doctor for my first check up since I was a kid. I’ve been noticing some of the stuff in the distance is getting a little blurry. I’ve never had glasses .. so I figured it was time to get checked. I was a little nervous .. but it was kinda fun. Turns out my eyes are in good shape .. so that’s cool … no glasses for now.

Next stop was the vet with two of my snakes. Snuggles, my boa .. had a case of the sniffles .. so she needed some antibiotics. Samantha … my albino burmese python had some swelling in her gums. It took three of us to control a snake her size … it was almost comical at times .. really. Looks like they’ll both be fine after a series of injections and a cream that needs to be applied daily to the inside of a pythons mouth! Yes .. I am out of my mind … I actually inject my own snakes to nurse them back to health. Let’s just say it’s not an easy task and the chance of getting wrapped up in my work … is a very real danger. It’s just one of my occupational hazards …

Did I mention I’m out of my mind??


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409