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And Here’s the Pitch ..

It’s not what you’re thinking .. I know it’s baseball season already .. and I think the World Champion White Sox played last night. They may have been rained out … we had some decent storms out this way .. but anyway. Now I’m really off the subject at hand .. you see in show business .. the “pitch” is where we talk up a product or service during our show. If you see me this summer, the “pitch” is actually on the show list .. you see this is how we make some extra cash, which is always a good thing. At our shows, we sell a nice photo with magic tricks on the back .. it’s a fun souvenir .. then we sign them, how cool. Now that I’ve got your attention .. we have a special offer on the home page of my site. For a limited time only you can get an official “Chezaday Magic Superhero” on vintage VHS .. no less. It’s actually pretty cool to have in your hands .. and to watch of course. I’ve got a lot of little fans that are really hooked on this .. and they watch it every day .. no kidding. I can go on and on about myself .. but take a look .. it’s only $12.50 shipped to your door. Who would think I would even have the time to go to the post office and drop this stuff off .. well, I do right now .. ouch!
Tonight .. we’ve got a field trip to see WWE Raw .. or something like that. It’s some sort of wrestling deal .. you know the stuff you see on TV .. I’m not even sure if it’s real?? My brother and Dan are into it .. so I go for the fun of it .. who knows, maybe I’ll wind up in the ring ..

I’ve got the outfit and all …


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409