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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble …

Normally you watch the fights in the ring when you go to a wrestling match .. well tonight, the fight was almost in the stands .. and yours truly, was the one ready to set things straight. Today was our little field trip to the Allstate Arena to see WWE Raw. Everything was going fine, Jeff and I were heading up to Schaumburg to pick up Danny Boy, and sure enough .. he pulls a “Tony” and bails out on the show with an hour to spare. Did you ever have those friends that you buy a ticket for something and then they change their mind last minute .. or something suddenly comes up, as Marsha Brady would say. We call that pulling a “Tony” .. although Mr. Sperry’s record is starting to exceed Tony’s right now. I might need someone to escort me for my little trip to Merriville on Saturday to see the Twins .. I’ll worry about that later.

Back to the story .. so .. we’re in our seats with time to spare. Just as the show begins, it never fails that we always have the drunken fool sitting near us. Sure, everyone is there for a good time .. but this guy crossed the line. Every other word out of his mouth is a profanity .. and he’s right behind me, yelling out loud. I bit my tongue for a little bit .. as I didn’t want to start anything .. I’m really not a trouble maker, not anymore at least. I took a look around and there were kids everywhere .. with their parents of course. I did here a few people complaining .. but they didn’t do anything to correct the situation. I asked my brother how big this guy was .. as he was sitting directly behind me. I’m not a huge dude .. but I do have that hot Italian blood running through my veins. I said to myself .. one more time, and that was it .. I snapped. I turned around ready for a fight .. I called his attention to all the young fans in our general area and the language he was using was not appropriate. Of course I didn’t say it so eloquently .. but he got the message and backed down right away. He said I was right .. and didn’t mumble another foul word the rest of the night. What baffled me .. is that there were dads all around me just sitting there. I don’t even have kids, and I wasn’t going to let this continue.

So much for that .. at least I’m not in jail .. it really could have turned out bad, even though I was looking out for the kids. I haven’t been in a fight in a long time, but I’m still ready to go. I guess I just can’t help it …


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409