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Breakin’ the Law …

Got your attention?? Once again .. I’ll come back to that. So .. I lose my cell phone the other day .. I thought it would turn up .. but it didn’t. I head out to the mall with my sidekick Dan .. actually he looks more like Sideshow Bob, now that I think about it. Anyway .. I’m looking for a new phone and the sales dude is trying to up sell me everything. He’s too pushy .. so I bail out. So we go shoppin’ .. and sure enough we wander into Wilsons Leather. I need another jacket like a hole in my head. So I’m trying on jackets, meanwhile Dan is making fun of the messenger bags. I said that’s a “man purse” .. what are you doing?? Next thing I know he’s buying a man purse and I’m buying a jacket I don’t need .. but it was on sale!

Now for our lead story .. I get pulled over last night by Naperville’s finest. I’m just out taking mom for some dinner and to Kohl’s. Next thing I know we’ve got a cop on our tail … great. We’re in mother’s Town Car .. I’m not speeding .. so what’s up?? Sure enough I forgot to buckle up .. a simple mistake. I was honest about it and I still got slapped with a $55.00 ticket. I understand it’s the law and all .. but do they really need to pull me over for something stupid like that?? Shouldn’t they be going after “real” criminals instead of collecting revenue for the city?? I feel so much safer now.

So, I’m out $55.00 .. I still have no phone .. but, I do have a cool jacket!

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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409