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Road Trip??

Road Trip??

I’ll actually come back to that story .. lot’s to catch up on. My birthday was last Monday .. and it was simple and quiet. The “Inner Circle” went out to eat and back to the house for a game of cards. Let’s see .. what else .. oh had a nice weekend and saw Star Wars .. again .. cool stuff. Just the other day, Marshall Brodien stopped over for a visit. He was Wizzo on the Bozo show .. and ironically we were watching old tapes of him the night before. He’s an amazing man and always fun to be around.

Now back to the road trip … Dan (as seen in photo on home page) had the brilliant idea to see a magic show in Battle Creek, MI last week. We started our journey at 3pm for a 7:30 show, miles away. We made it to New Buffalo, MI. when I began to have my doubts. Dan forgot about the time change .. we lose an hour .. oops! So, I call Greg at our Vegas office and give him our location. He’s always sitting by the computer. Using the internet, he calculates that we still have 92 miles to go in 90 minutes. That’s cutting it close .. but it get’s better. I had him check on the show time … sure enough it starts at 7:00 not 7:30. Now I know it’s not going to happen .. especially as three lanes are merging into one. Dan throws in the towel .. and we turn around. I told him that I would be reminding him of our little road trip for years to come!!

Steve … Freak!

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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409