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The Cats Out of the Bag …

Ya .. believe it or not, we have kittens … I’ll get back to that in a bit .. lot’s going on, and I’ll try to catch up. Let’s see .. summer is here, but our usual summer gig has fallen flat. Santa’s Village amusement park didn’t open this summer and that’s where most of our work is .. so I’ve got some time to catch up on some things. We had the roof done here at Chezaday Manor .. and that was a project. At one point I had a frightened parrot and German Shepherd in my bed .. perfectly normal over here. Almost forgot .. we have kittens now .. apparently a stray cat had a litter under my porch. Now I’m feeding two little gray kittens every day. I’m not a cat person .. but they are really cute. I’d like to get a pic of them up here .. but as soon as I get out there .. they duck under the porch.

Speaking of pets .. I went to a nearby dog park the other day with my little buddy, Rex. He likes meeting the other dogs .. but the other day there was an older lady that couldn’t control her dog .. or herself for that matter. Anyway .. her stupid little mutt attacked Rex twice .. to the point were I had to get him off with my foot. Rex didn’t go after him at all .. but this little dog kept coming after us. Then the lady yells at me for kicking her dog .. not true. I even had Rex on a leash at that point .. and she’s yelling at me. Needless to say .. she cut our visit short .. and I don’t think I’ll be going to that park again.

In other news .. we went up to Summerfest to see David Seebach’s Wonders of Magic show. Alice Cooper was playing that night .. so I couldn’t pass it up. We loaded up the H3 and went for a little ride. The Summerfest in Milwaukee is an awesome festival .. and it was packed. We saw some of David’s show .. but then we had to grab some seats to see Alice. Sure enough, there was no where to sit. We wound up standing on a picnic table along with half a dozen other people. We could barely see the show .. but it was still a fun time. The fireworks up there were better than I’ve seen anywhere.

Hope you all had great 4th of July!


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409