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Long Way to Go …

I’m feeling stronger every day .. almost back to 100% .. almost. Got a lot running through my head tonight .. so I’m not quite sure where this will be going .. and we could wind up in some dangerous territory. The past couple of days I’ve pretty much stayed home .. so why not tackle another one of my projects and get the Magic Room straightened out. Yeah, I know .. I started this project .. oh a year or so ago .. but life kinda gets in the way of things. Anyway .. the thing is, I ran across stacks of photos from the past. This … of course, is like opening Pandora’s Box .. trust me. Sure enough, I had some strange dreams last night .. always good to see my Dad again .. I saw him clear as day .. just like he was here. Some of the pictures are just amazing .. hopefully I’ll have some on here one day .. or maybe even better .. published?? There are so many stories to be told .. family, friends and road trips. The thing is .. I’m proud of my past and what I’ve done with my life .. there have been so many people I’ve shared special memories with. I’ve got friends scattered across the country .. I can go just about anywhere .. and have a place to stay. Not many people can say the same thing .. but it’s a good feeling to know that you’re welcome .. and a trusted friend.
It’s near 1:00am .. and I don’t even have the TV on to distract me at the moment .. you see there is more to it .. something is bothering me deep inside .. yet I can’t talk about it .. not hear at least. Someone from the past called today .. and well, there’s so much more. I don’t know what to do sometimes .. or what the future will hold ..

I guess I’m only human ..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409