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Down on the Farm ..

I didn’t get a chance to write since last week .. but I did have a short road trip. My good friend, Tom Rozoff was in near by Merriville, Indiana doing some school shows. I’ve known Tom from the time I was a little boy .. when I was first getting started in magic. He was a huge influence way back then .. I can still remember the basement at his parents house, filled with illusions. It was wonderful .. I couldn’t wait till I grew up .. then I too would be an illusionist. Funny thing is .. it may have really changed my life. I still look up to Tom .. he has taught me many valuable lessons about life over the years. Some of his words of wisdom are still fresh in my memory .. he has always been a trusted friend. Anytime we get together .. it’s always a fun time .. no matter where we are or what we’re doing. This time around .. we took a short trip to visit another friend in magic .. Alan Purintun. He too has been a huge influence on my life .. he’s one of the most talented illusion builders I’ve known. Tom introduced me to Al when I was around thirteen, he built my very first illusion .. the Zig Zag Lady. At the time around 1979 .. it was the hottest illusion out there. It was my favorite .. dividing a girl into three pieces .. pretty cool stuff for a teenager. Anyway .. back to our little adventure .. we met up with Al on his farm in Indiana. He’s got it all out there .. cows, turkeys, chickens .. there’s even a horse. It’s pretty cool .. if you’re into the farm thing of course. We had a fun visit and talked about magic stuff. It was getting late .. and a bit chilly, Al threw some burgers on the grill .. and we sat down to eat. Strange thing is .. do you have any idea where the meat came from?? Ya .. it took about a week before I could look at another burger .. really.


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409