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Road Trip …

We just got back from a fun road trip out to Ohio … I figured I’d write while some of it was fresh in my head. Vegas Superstar and kids party magician, Dan Sperry … came along for the ride. Our first stop on our journey was in Vandalia, Ohio to visit one of my heroes, Walter Sheppard. I’ve written about him many times .. he’s a master craftsman in the magic world. After some lunch and a few laughs .. we headed out to Columbus, Ohio for the 75th annual Magi-Fest. This is a gathering of magicians from across the country. We met lots of old friends .. and even some new … including the twins!
There was magic everywhere you turned .. the dealers room, the hallway .. you couldn’t get away from it. Friday began with the close-up magic contest early in the morning .. really early. We kinda slept through that .. due to the fact we went to bed around 3am or so. Instead we grabbed some lunch with Mike Hannah of Cabbage Cases. They make the road cases for bands and magicians like myself. This time I brought him a special trick I came up with .. I think he might just have caught the “magic bug.” Later that night we enjoyed the Headliner Show in downtown Columbus. The show featured one of my favorites .. Greg Frewin of Canada. He performed his signature dove act and some fun new illusions for the crowd. There’s more to this adventure .. so stay tuned ..


P.S. No .. that’s not us in the Mini Cooper .. it was actually a little hottie we saw along the way … her license plate says it all.

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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409