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My Spanish is na so Good ..

If you’ve been checking my tour schedule .. you’ll see I’ve had a few days off to catch up on things. I’ve been booked solid for the past ten months or so .. I’m not use to time off. I wake up and have to figure out where I’m going that day .. gets confusing some times. I have those Post It notes all over the place to remind me … strange, but it works. Once again .. I’ve got a million projects started … and slowly I’m getting to each one. At night I usually do some errands .. last night was no exception. After joining a gym with my brother, I stopped at the Chevy dealer with the van … then a quick bite at Taco Bell … again, can’t get enough of that Baja Blast Dew .. but anyway. Next stop was the local hardware store, Menards … you can get just about everything there .. from Baltic birch lumber to barbecue sauce .. really. I’m always looking for new ideas .. and I was in the shelving section .. saw some cool Metro shelves in black, white and chrome. I opted for the black .. I figured it would work well in the basement or garage. The boxes were clearly marked .. well in Spanish at least .. so I grabbed “blanco” for black .. right?? Funny thing happened when I opened the box of course .. the black shelving had magically turned to white. It’s been a while since high school … and I wasn’t really thinking. It all came back to me when I opened the box though ..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409