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No Strings Attached ..

We had a fun weekend .. I think, kinda a blur right now. Let’s see .. I forgot what we did on Friday .. probably nothing. Saturday, we had a field trip to the Halloween Show .. and that’s always a fun time. We ran into fellow magicians, David Seebach, Julie Sobanski, John Bundy and the “Diva of Darkness” … Mistress Moran. The convention has exhibitors from across the country, with everything from Halloween candy to a full size, automated Headless Horseman! It’s a very unusual event for this time of year .. but it kinda makes it even more fun that way. My brother, Jeff came along and we met up with “Vegas Superstar” .. Dan Sperry .. who also does birthday shows .. ouch. .Call me first if your in the area .. and we’ll see what I can do .. it’s a slow time of year to be honest. Now back to the expo, my favorite section is upstairs .. it’s called the Dark Zone. It’s set up just like sections of a Haunted House .. you’re walking around in the dark with stuff jumping out at you .. cool stuff. There are some amazing displays .. I can’t even begin to describe them .. just awesome. Later that same night, we met up with Danny again .. and had a late night dinner at El Centro. Always a good idea to have Mexican food right before going to bed .. but we were starving and that’s all that’s open around here.
After taking care of the little guy … and Jenna of course .. it was time to give mother a ride to church. She still goes as often as she can .. which is a good thing. I know I don’t really have an excuse .. but I spend enough time with her … so it’s kinda like I dropped her off at the sitters for an hour. Sure .. that’s one way to look at it .. and I know I should be with her .. but if I don’t get some time off from her .. you might just be reading about me in the paper .. oops .. have I gone too far?? I worked later that night at Max & Erma’s .. and it was a busy night. I’m doing walk around magic there .. and it’s cool .. nice to be with “normal” people .. for me at least. Sure that might not make sense to you .. but magicians are all nuts .. and I can only be around them so much too. It’s all a delicate balance to keep me in line .. I’m a bit complex .. if you can believe that ..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409