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Little Goblins …

Should I start with my excuse now .. or a little later?? A few weeks have passed again .. but it’s a busy time of year for me. We made a special appearance on Chicago’s WGN Morning News on October 24th. That went really well considering I was up at 4:20am. You see I’m on a different schedule than most of the world .. my bedtime is around 2:00am every night. Needless to say .. I had very little sleep that night. Helping me out on camera was none other than my good friend, Marshall Brodien .. a legend in the magic world. We were on promoting a show we had together later in the week in Wadsworth, IL. The show was simple yet a complicated set up including the Windshear and the Origami Illusion. Angel and Valerie assisted that evening .. and the show went smooth as could be with eight other acts on the same stage .. can you say magic marathon?? I lost count of the number of shows I did in the last few weeks … but that’s a good thing, November is another story.
Halloween was just the other day .. and it’s always fun to see the kids come to the door. It was a bit chilly in the Chicago-land area .. in fact it was freezing out. I always loved Halloween .. we would go trick or treating for hours on end .. rain or shine, nothing stopped us from getting our loot. These days things are a bit different .. but it’s good to see little devils and witches are still as popular as ever. I was brought up a good Catholic boy .. but nothing gets me crazier then those people that don’t celebrate Halloween. These are the same people that don’t want to see magic .. because it’s the devils work. I can freely speak my mind about all that hear .. because if you’ve come to my site .. you’ve got an open mind, and don’t have anything against magic. Some people still fear us .. and that’s fine. Heck, they use to burn us at the stake for performing feats of magic .. really. I don’t think I have to worry about that just yet .. but it’s still out there. Hopefully the magic will never end .. and the little goblins and witches will still come knockin’ on your door ..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409