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Pleasant Valley Sunday …

It won’t be long before the hum of the neighbors mowing the lawn will wake me up after a late Saturday night. I couldn’t help but feel that spring would just be around the corner as I went out for the paper with Rex this morning. The sun is out and it’s already warming up .. we’re at 29 degrees right now! I’ll be washing cars today .. really, once it’s above freezing I’ve got to get the salt and junk off the fleet. I really like being outside in the fresh air … I get a little stir crazy during the winter.

Let’s see .. we’ve been out doing shows on the weekends. This time of year we enjoy performing for the Cub Scouts and their annual Blue & Gold banquets. I too, use to be a little Cub Scout .. complete with uniform. For them .. it’s boys night out, even though the rest of the family is in tow.

In other news, there was a shooting at a college in nearby DeKalb. I’m sure most of you saw that on the news. Years ago I spent a lot of time out that way as my girlfriend was going to school out there. Yes, I had a girlfriend at one point in time. Anyway, the loss those families are going through just breaks my heart. These were young students making something of themselves. They had their whole life ahead of them .. and then some scumbag takes their lives .. for no apparent reason. After it was all over, five were dead and many others injured. Oh, the shooter did take his own life .. but, I don’t even count him. He truly was a waste of life.

The warning signs were all there .. but, his girlfriend was oblivious to all of it. I have many thoughts on this, it’s just drives me crazy when mentally disturbed people have access to guns. This needs to be tightened up .. immediatly. I could go on and on .. don’t get me started.


Please keep the students in your thoughts and prayers .. they deserved so much more out of life.

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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409