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Six Months and Counting ..

Ok .. here’s what’s up … I’ve got six months to find a wife .. or I have to marry this friend of mine .. that I don’t really want to marry. I know sounds ridiculous .. but, I’ve only got six months till my 40th birthday .. and everyone else is married by then. So .. it’s one of those deals .. that you marry your friend, if you can’t find anyone else … see how that works? At the very least .. I’ve already started planning. Last night we went out to Synergy in West Chicago and saw an amazing band called the Fabulous Janes. I was so impressed with them .. I decided that they will play at the reception. See, now I’m already making plans .. this is where I need your help .. I need to find a wife .. and fast! As most of you know .. I’ve had a few girlfriends, here and there .. but I’m looking for a nice girl .. not too crazy either .. I’m like a magnet for the crazy ones. Many of which can be seen right here on the site. Alright .. we won’t go there .. but if you know someone that likes magic and could meet the challenge … send them my way .. please!


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409