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Ya .. it’s that time of year again ..

So, today I’m digging through the basement trying to find the good old Christmas tree. I can’t believe another year has passed since I went through all this. The memories do come rushing back .. and it can be a bit sad sometimes .. but we’re all in good health as I write .. so I’m grateful for that. The basement on the other hand, looks like a bomb went off. Ya .. I’ve got too many things going on at the same time .. one of my bad habits. As soon as I get one project finished .. ten more pop up. Not only that .. but I’m still out there performing … almost everyday if you’ve seen my schedule. Sure it’s a good thing I’m busy .. it’s just I can’t seem to catch up. I should be cloned .. that would solve a lot of things .. that goes on my list today.
I can’t believe all the people that actually read this stuff .. but I got more e-mails about my future bride than anything else. I’m glad you’re all concerned about me .. but hey let’s get going here my time is running short .. send in your applications today!
Let’s see what else is going on .. my little guy, Rex is doing fine .. he’s six months old and close to 70 pounds now. He’s still a monster .. but he’s been pretty good over all .. well, aside from chewing on the wall when I left him home for a few hours on Thanksgiving. He’s my little German Shepherd if you haven’t been paying attention to my life story here. In other news … my brother Jeff, is somewhere on a cruise with another family .. at least he’s keeping warm. Did I mention it’s freezing out here .. almost forgot about that. We’ve been in the single digits out here in the mid west for the past week. I’m getting a bit tired of it all .. moving out in the middle of a desert doesn’t seem like such a bad idea right about now!


P.S. Yes Greg .. I’m looking into the HDTV thing .. we’ll see how much more Comcast is going to add to my bill each month.

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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409