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So I’m the Emergency Room …

No .. really .. I’m sitting there in the little gown with the open back .. not feeling too hot. Last week I was coming down with something .. and I just couldn’t “kick it” as Franz would say. After being a bit stubborn .. my brother took me in. Now, with some antibiotics running through my veins .. I’m a bit better now, thanks for all the cards and letters .. I’ll be just fine.
Let’s see .. what else .. ah, I had lunch with “Lenny” last week … she did shows with me back in the early 90’s .. when snakeskin spandex was in fashion .. I miss those fun days. Jenny got her nickname from the many times we would wind up at Denny’s after our shows … I know it still really doesn’t make sense .. but we get it. We went to a Chicago land favorite called Portillio’s .. and if you’re not from the area .. you just can’t get the same beef or hot dogs anywhere else. Of course for all my vegetarian friends like Terry Evanswood, they have a Tuna sandwich to die for … at least according to him .. really. Last time I was heading down to Tennessee to see him .. and he wanted me to sneak one on the plane for him. Now I’m completely off the subject .. but Jenny and I had a fun time as always. We both kinda grew up together .. and met some fun friends along the way. She even made it through the Abbott’s adventure two years in a row .. and she still talks to me. After lunch we headed over to Big Lot’s, so she could get a deal on some Kleenex like my mother told her. We grabbed a cart and cruised the isles .. she said if I was good she would buy me something. I did get a bag of chips out of the deal .. so I can’t complain.


Almost forgot to mention that Jenny is still all that .. and a bag of chips!

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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409