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262 Miles Later …

First thing .. it’s 1:30 am and the Chicago White Sox just won game three of the World Series .. this is just amazing! Now lets see .. where to start .. I’ve been a busy little boy. Ah .. funny story from last Friday .. it was boyz night out and we stopped at Culver’s for some burgers. We were going to see a movie at the AMC .. but nothing really was worth ten bucks each .. so it was a Blockbuster night. I was out voted two to one and the movie “Saw” was the choice for the evening. I’m not really into the gross stuff anymore .. you kind of out grow it. I sat down with Rex and sure enough, it was pretty wicked. The funny thing is, after Dan went home that night .. he couldn’t get to sleep. I guess the spiked one is a little more sensitive to scary movies. In light of the situation this weeks double feature at the Chezaday Cinema will be “Finding Nemo” and “the Goonies.”
The following day I woke up with song still in my head. I had a strange feeling all day .. and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. The weather was cool and crisp .. and my first stop was in the town of Ottawa. This was the special reunion show with former Chezababe, Tina. She recently got home from surgery and wasn’t ready to share the stage just yet. I was glad she was there .. and she even remembered the show order for me. I’d ask what’s next .. and she would quickly reply from the audience. The event was right along side the Illinois river and it was a beautiful day … as you can see. I’m grateful Teen is back home .. and she’ll get stronger with each day.
My next stop was near the Wisconsin boarder for a show with Marshall Brodien and friends. I barely had enough time to set up and grab a cold slice of pizza … then it was show time. Everything went well and the audience was very enthusiastic. We stopped at a little Greek resturaunt afterwards and shared some good times. It was a long day .. and by the time I was back home I had driven over 262 miles .. all in the name of magic.


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409