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Smashin’ Pumpkins ..

Halloween is always a busy time around here .. almost too busy. I was booked every night last week .. it’s feast or famine being an entertainer. We did make some time for a road trip last Saturday to see David Seebach’s show. Its held at the historic Modjeska Theater in downtown Milwaukee. Dan and my brother joined for the adventure .. and David always does a great show. They say the theater is actually haunted .. who knows, but it really adds to the overall experience. At the end of act two there’s even a blackout with spooks and spirits floating about .. even Dan was screaming like a little girl. Ok .. maybe I’m exaggerating .. but I do like to pick on him .. after all he’s an easy target. On the way out I took this cool picture in the back alley .. it just looked creepy to me. Later we grabbed some dinner with the cast at an authentic Mexican restaurant. I cleared my plate .. it was so good. I mention this only because I rarely eat everything .. I’m a picky eater .. just ask my mom.

I was pretty beat after working all weekend so I had Monday off .. after all it was Halloween and I’ve got to smash some pumpkins and get my share of candy ..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409