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Winds of Change ..

I couldn’t help but notice the change of seasons today .. I had Jenna on my arm and we watched the clouds go by. Summer is all but gone and the fall came on fast .. today was cold and rainy in the Chicago area. Jenna, by the way, is my parrot .. not like I had a chick over or anything .. that’s a whole other story. Anyway .. I’ve been trying to get my life back in order and stick to a schedule .. but it never fails .. life gets in the way. Most of today was spent taking Mother to the hospital and the doctor, to see about her breathing .. she’ll be OK.
I’ve been working non-stop since the beginning of summer .. things are starting to slow down .. so I can catch my breath. We just had two big shows out in Crystal Lake over the weekend where we performed the Windshear Illusion for the first time. Eventually we’ll have a pic up here .. but it’s a 36″ industrial fan that I visibly pass through while the blades are spinning. All went well, I survived .. risking my life for your entertainment. It’s always a bit challenging adding a new illusion to he show .. but Angel and I really worked on this one. We also had Tony with to make sure we had enough fog on stage .. and I did need someone to help unload this 600 pound, beast of an illusion. My buddy Dan was also on the show with our new Chezababe in training, Heather. The pic is from the dressing room .. that’s Dan with all the make-up .. on the right. We all grabbed a bite to eat after the show .. and we were relieved that all our hard work had paid off .. now on to the next show .. and the next illusion ..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409