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Bed-time Story …

Today was another long day .. show days usually are. I was on a schedule and I had to stick to it so everything would fall into place. My back has been killing me for a while now .. but I just couldn’t put my finger on the cause. Last week I was wondering around the local Menards, thats a big hardware store out here .. and sure enough I run into a bed in the center isle. I’m thinking to myself .. they sell everything here, even beds … not to mention the kitchen sink. Then it clicks .. I need a new bed, this must be why I wake up feeling like an old man. So .. I’m out with mother the other night .. and we go to take a closer look at the bed selection. Mom was finding all kinds of stuff at Menards … she picked up a new disaster movie on DVD and even a case of Hunt’s Tomato Paste on clearance .. go figure. So she’s telling me to try it out .. now I’m laying flat on the bed staring at the ceiling in aisle 37.

My plan goes into effect .. Sunday is garbage day on this side of town, and its my chance to make my move. After my usual duties around the house including a long walk with Rex, I empty out the van and make my way back to Menards. I quickly make my purchase and head back home .. the clock is ticking away, I’ve got to be at work by five. I pick up some lunch for everyone at the house, then it was time to get some work done. It’s already about 3pm and I’ve got to be in the shower in an hour. My brother Jeff helps me get the old bed out and carry up the new one. After setting it all up .. it’s like six inches taller, that will take some getting use to. Rex needs a running start to get up there and sure enough, he’s passed out on it as I’m typing now. I should finally get a good nights rest .. at least thats what the label says.

I’ll let you know how my back feels in the morning .. until then, sweet dreams.


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409