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Now Where Did That Hour Go??

maxerma.jpgSo here’s the deal .. I was trying to catch up on all my adventures in the past month, and that doesn’t seem to be working. We are going to skip ahead to the present day and try to keep up with this thing. It looks like spring won’t be too far ahead. Out here the snow is almost gone .. the temps are finally rising past 50 or so. Tonight I worked at Max & Erma’s in Woodridge, going table to table and sharing my magic .. right up close. Each week I see many of the same faces and the kids are just great. Right now it’s the closest thing to a real job I have .. so come on in and grab some dinner .. tell them you came to see “Magic Steve.”

This weekend we turned the clocks forward .. lost an hour in the process, if you forgot .. this is your friendly reminder. Let’s see .. not too much new going on .. I’ve been working in the shop repairing a few props that needed a fresh coat of paint. My little boy Rex is doing just fine .. he’s passed out beside my bed as I’m writing. My mother too, is doing well .. she even made a triumphant return to church on Saturday, it’s been three months. The winter is pretty rough on her .. but they let her slide. My good friend Dan is off to work in Greece for a few months … it should be an interesting adventure. I guess that’s about it right now .. you’re all caught up .. I think ..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409