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Biting My Tongue …

Nothing gets my blood boiling faster than watching Drew Peterson spew his filth on national TV. The only reason he and his sidekick lawyer are on these shows is to “cast reasonable doubt” when this case goes to trail. There is so much to this story and yes, I take it personally because Stacy Peterson was a personal friend of mine. She was a beautiful person that just got mixed up with the wrong guy .. a much older guy. I get sick to my stomach when I see his face … and yet I’ve got to watch what I say because he’s “lawyered up.”

Yes, I was the “friend” that received an e-mail from Stacy stating that Drew was becoming abusive only days before she went missing. I have them to back up my story and yes, I have turned them in as evidence against Drew. Back in November I was on all the shows covering the story .. yes, that’s where you saw me. I will do everything I can so justice will prevail and my friend Stacy can finally rest in peace. This story has a life of it’s own and it’s far from over. I know I will be involved when this all goes down. I just can’t wait for that day, and the truth will finally prevail …


Simple Question for Drew: Where were you on Sunday October 28, 2007??

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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409