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An Apple a Day …

ipod.jpgHave I got a fun story for you … so, I’m raking the leaves yesterday .. that should have been done last fall. I’m a little behind but, I’m slowly catching up on things. Anyway .. I’m picking up little bits of trash that accumulated over the winter. Something shiny catches my eye .. and sure enough, it’s the iPod I lost back in December. I thought for sure it fell out of my pocket at the hospital when I took my mother in for a doctors appointment. I remember going back the next day searching the parking lot, the hallways .. and checking repeatedly with the lost and found department. Of course I turned to eBay to quickly replace my little electronic friend .. I actually have a couple of back ups now. I really can’t live without it for long.

Remember it’s been exposed to the elements for four months and it’s been a rough winter. Not only that … but, how did it wind up in the brush fifteen feet away from the driveway .. and could it still work?? Well, I think I solved the mystery .. kinda like an episode of Monk. The iPod must have slipped out of my jacket on December 6th in the driveway, after my mothers appointment. I noticed it was missing later that night when I went to go for a walk. We had plenty of snow on and off that week .. and it must have went through the snowblower. There are black marks clearly visible on the outer protective case. This is just as I found it outside (see above.) Would it still power up?? Believe it or not .. it did, and after a full charge it’s back in working order again. I can’t believe it myself … but then again, it is an Apple!


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409