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Day Three … The Party

Believe it or not .. I’m going to get this Trilogy complete before another week passes. We’re actually getting ready for another road trip to Appleton, Wisconsin this weekend … so I’m trying to get things finished up around here. From what I can remeber .. I slept pretty well at Mulvey Manor, I was in the Vegas room .. complete with gold glitter on the walls and clouds on the ceiling. Now I remember .. the morning started out with a short road trip to Red Rock National Park. Greg actually passed up the road to the park and we drove nearly an hour toward California before he realized that we were in the middle of the desert. To make things exciting … ah, we were also running low on gas. I broke out the video camera to capture the fun … and we finally made it to the park. The scenery was really amazing and it was getting a bit warm out. We didn’t have a chance to eat .. so we were getting a little tired on top of things. Our plan was to see the 1:00pm Mac King show .. but we just made it in to the 3pm show, at 2:59pm no less. Mac’s show was awesome .. he’s really got a sweet deal over at Harrah’s Casino. This is a great family show .. just the right size theater for his show. I can’t say enough good stuff about him .. go check him out too!
Let’s see .. ya it was a long day already … but wait there’s more. Tonight we were going to see my buddy, Dan Sperry work in the World’s Greatest Magic Show. Once again we picked up Quissy and raced over to the Greek Isles Casino .. man this was a cheezy place. Think late 60’s early 70’s .. that was the feel. I was looking around to see if any of the tables featured Rock, Paper, Scissors .. really. The showroom had the same feel .. but the stage had some cool lighting and I figured eveything would be just fine. Dan was first up and he did his thing .. kind of a Gothic dove act, if that makes any sense. He did really well and the show is awesome .. a nice blend of magic and comedy. Again, this is a family show .. and worth seeing if your in town.
Afterward we were all a bit hungry, so we met up at one of my childhood favorites … Jack in the Box. Sure enough .. only the drive thru was open .. so we wound up having dinner on the back of Quissy’s car. As dumb as it may seem this was really a special moment .. here we are, four good friends from Chicago together again, just like old times.
The night wasn’t over yet .. I was following Dan to a magic get together at midnight. This really made the trip complete .. I got to see some good friends I hadn’t seen for a few years. I also got to meet some cool new people that Dan had made friends with. It had a strange high school party kind of feel to it .. even though everyone was around my age. I left feeling like a kid again .. out late on a Friday night. It was time to get some sleep as I was heading back home in the afternoon .. with some great stories to tell …


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409