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Vegas Baby … Day Two

Lot’s going on here as usual .. but I still have to finish the Vegas Trilogy for ya. It’s already been a few weeks .. so some of the details may be lost in my memory .. I may need an upgrade soon. Let’s see .. this would have been Thursday, Greg had some work to catch up on .. so I stole his car and headed for the strip. First stop was the car wash .. yep … I’m that nice of a guy, and I could barely see out of the windshield. I met up with Sperry and we saw the 2:00pm show of Dirk Arthur. He was on Animal Planet with his cats and stuff .. he’s got some of the white tigers in his show .. actually, I think every illusionist in Vegas gets a pair of white tigers when they move there. The whole time during the show I couldn’t help but think that Dirk looked a lot like my friend Tony. So we made jokes that Tony was now doing his own magic show .. and talking no less, you see Tony is pretty quiet .. sometimes you don’t know he’s even there.

Way off the subject once again .. Dan and I had a fun time .. and before you know it, it was time to catch up with Greg and Quissy to see the Lance Burton show that night. After being stuck in traffic again .. I picked them up and we made our way to the Monte Carlo. We had just enough time for the buffet .. and stuffed ourselves. We were guests of my good friend Marshall Brodien .. so we got the star treatment and had awesome seats. The show was flawless .. Lance is right there on the top .. if you’re ever in Vegas, this is the show to see. Afterward, Lance came out to talk with us and that was cool .. he’s a great guy. I think that was it for today .. but it was plenty for day two. Stay tuned for the final instalment .. soon I promise!


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