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It’s all in the Sauce ..

So .. I roll out of bed around 10am, put on my work clothes .. and take the little guy for his walk. I check on Jenna .. get the animals fed, then it’s out the door to spend some quality time in the dentists chair. I was off today, from my rigorous close-up magic/imaginary tour schedule. After getting drilled and filled … I grabbed some lunch .. soup of course, as my mouth was still a bit numb. Then it’s play time in the backyard with the little monster. Rex really enjoys running around like a nut … eventually he tires out. I had a to take care of a few projects around the house … then it was time to take mother out to dinner and shopping. Our first stop was the Spaghetti Warehouse near the Fox Valley Mall in Aurora. We both had the spaghetti dinner deal .. and being the sinner that I am .. I had the meat sauce, after all today is Ash Wednesday. I have explained over and over to mother that the only reason you can’t eat meat during Lent .. is because back then, they needed to sell more fish .. so this is what they came up with. Besides, if there isn’t already a space saved for me up in heaven … this isn’t going to make much of a difference.
Where was I … after a quick stop at Best Buy and Menard’s .. it was time to pick up mother promptly at 9:00pm at the Burlington Coat Factory .. like she needs more clothes. On the way home we treated ourselves to some Sippable Sundays at good old Steak n Shake. Once I was back home … it was time for another walk around the neighborhood. Rex is now on patrol and keeps and eye out for any criminal activity. If we’re on schedule, we’re back at 10:35pm to watch a little bit of Leno .. then it’s bedtime for the animals … around 11:30pm. It’s close to midnight and it’s about the only time I really have to myself. I check my email, and comb ebay for some more useless items I can’t live without. At the same time, I’ll watch a little bit of TV .. maybe even catch up on some Sopranos. Then I hit the pillow … say my prayers and soon, I’m fast asleep. Tomorrow it all starts over again ..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409