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Small Miracles ..

My friend Greg got me hooked on another magicians blog .. and he writes like everyday .. he’s killing me. You too can check it out on Kevin is actually a friend of mine too .. he does the college and theater circuit … but he’s really out there touring .. not like most of the other magicians on the Internet … with their so called tour schedule .. ya I know .. including me .. but whatever. Today I was in the dentists chair .. that was no fun .. but my dentist is very good .. I just have this thing about my teeth. So .. I survived .. another root canal .. and that’s about as bad as things can get. I usually dread going in .. but I have to get these things taken care of .. besides .. I’ve been trough worse.
We had a very nice Valentines day .. in fact … it was the best I can remember in recent years. I called a couple friends and we met at Max & Erma’s in Woodridge. Joining us for the festivities were Angel, Dan, Barrett, my brother Jeff and of course Mom. We all haven’t been together in quite some time .. so we had a lot of catching up to do. After a fun dinner, we surprised Angel with a birthday sundae .. you know where the wait staff comes out and sings. She did turn red as her hair .. it was pretty funny. Her birthday isn’t for another month or so .. but she’ll be out of town .. we celebrated early.
Afterward we stopped at my house to hang out for a little bit. I popped open the garage .. and my little guy, Rex .. was there to great us a usual. Jeff soon discovered that the back gate of the dog run was wide open. Earlier in the day, Rex and I were out in the back yard playing Frisbee .. you see, it was in the 40’s in Chicago on Tuesday. Well .. I must have been distracted and forgot to close the gate. By some small miracle .. hours later .. he was still there at home, safe and sound. He’s still very young .. and could have easily wondered into the street .. and so on. I’m not sure what he did .. or even if he ventured out .. but someone upstairs must have been looking out for both of us. Sure, he’s a little monster most of the time .. but he’s my little boy .. and he has to grow old with me. I’ll be more careful from now on … and hopefully he’ll stick around for a while …..


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409