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Now Where Did I Leave Off …

It’s a good thing I wasn’t turning this stuff in for college credit … I’m late again!  I left off some time in February .. I think.  I’m going to turn back my calendar and see what we skipped over.  Ah, first bit of significant information I see is that I lost my gig at Max & Erma’s right after Valentines Day.  I had been performing Close-up Magic there for almost five years.  Times are tough .. and all entertainers were cut from the chains payroll.  I can’t tell you how I miss many of my little friends that would come and see me every week.  It’s sad but, business is business and I’m thankful for the many years of employment from the chain.  Who knows .. maybe I’ll be back one day.

Now that I’m nearly unemployed .. lets see whats next on my busy schedule.  Finally something fun, my good friends the Spencers were coming to town.  I’ve written about them before, they have the largest traveling illusion show in America .. second only to David Copperfield. I think that’s quite an accomplishment itself.  Their fun, family show was near by, so I spent the day with them.  My buddy, Greg Mulvey of Presto Productions was filming a few bits for future projects.  After the work was done I had a chance to sit and chat with Kevin .. one on one.  It was really nice just to relax for a few minutes and talk shop.  On a show day, we’re always rushed .. and there are a million things to attend to.  I also shared some time with Keith Barber and Kevin’s wife Cindy.  Their show is really special and if they are ever in your area .. get tickets fast, as they sell-out frequently.  I had a great time with the Spencers and the crew .. I can’t wait to see them again.

Now I’ve got you caught up with to the beginning of April .. lets see what else I can cover in a few paragraphs.  As you might have guessed, writing wasn’t one of my stronger subjects in school. It’s funny .. I’m writing more than I ever did before.  So, only a few weeks later there was a special show and tribute to my good friend Marshall Brodien.  He of course was one of the stars on the Bozo Show here in Chicago better known as Wizzo the Wacky Wizard.  The event was held at the beautiful Raue Center in Crystal Lake, IL.  It was a real fun time and Marshall asked me to assist on stage with his infamous Blade Box Illusion.  His lovely wife Mary was ready and willing to jump in the box.  I few years back, I recreated this very prop that Marshall used at Riverview Park.  After the show there was a reception for Marshall and his guests .. a fun time was had by all.  I’m going to pick up the very next day .. it’s been one thing after another over here.  I still have tons of photos to go through .. you would think I have plenty of time on my hands now .. right?


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409