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Fast Forward …

There’s actually a little note in my calendar where I left off last time .. are you ready, April 11th.  Let’s just say I’ve been preoccupied.  I’m up early today .. so, let’s get caught up.  My younger brother, Jeff turned forty in May.  We decided to have a surprise party a month early .. you guessed it, so he would be surprised.  Yes, we got him .. and family and friends gathered for food and fun.  Many of my good friends were in attendance and there was plenty of chaos .. a fun time was had by all.

Fast forward to May … and there was a lot of magic events going on in and around Chicago.  There was the annual Magic Flea Market in Elmhurst,  David Copperfield was performing downtown and the Magic Collectors Association was the following week near Ohare.  Before you know it .. my birthday snuck up on me. I had already been waiting over a month to get my hands on an Apple iPad .. and finally the day arrived.  Yes, it is all that and more.  I took it to bed with me that night .. for real!

In the mean time I’ve been busy working some restaurant gigs and shows in the area.  It looks like things are picking up slowly but, it’s not like it use to be.  I’ve worked hard for many years so, I’ve done Ok .. but, I know many people are struggling these days.  My brother recently lost his job .. so, if you’re looking for some help .. drop me a note.

Let’s see … we’re almost caught up.  The gang went to see the Kane County Cougars, I taught a Magic Mini Course at Bee Be School in Naperville.  The iPhone 4 came out .. and I’ve got to wait for that too.  Mother had cataract surgery .. and yes, she’s doing fine.  My little buddy Rexx turned five, Carol turned 29 .. again,  KISS tickets went on sale and Michael Jackson is still dead.  I think we’re caught up now .. right?


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409