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Send Me an Angel …

angelbs.jpgFebruary has just flown by …. and I’ve got plenty of stories to tell. I don’t want to fall too far behind, so here goes. After the Ohio road trip, it was right back to work. This time around I shared the stage with Angel, which made things much easier. Now Angel has been doing shows for just about the same number of years as Val .. but, we don’t argue anymore. I found a simple trick that works with Angel and everything is fine. As long as I agree with what ever she’s talking about .. its all good. She doesn’t give me a hard time about the outfits or the dance steps required … so things go smoothly.

Over the past few weekends we had shows back to back .. and thats not easy with the amount of equipment we move. Angel made things a breeze .. she had most of the props packed by the time the show was finished. I trained her well years ago .. she knows what to do. We met a lot of great people with our travels .. especially Tari in Oak Park. She made us feel right at home and hung out backstage with us. Normally, no one is allowed backstage while were setting up .. but for her, I made an exception. Of course we have our “secrets” to keep .. and she didn’t see a thing. The audiences were very receptive, we had so many great volunteers . After each show, we make it a point to sign autographs and meet our little fans, their excitement makes all the hard work worth while.


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409