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A Little Fresh Air …

Last week I made my annual pilgrimage to the little town of Colon, Michigan. Only people in the magic world would know why I’d be out in the middle of Amish country .. and that reason is the Abbott’s Magic Get-Together. I’ve been making my way to this sleepy little town for over twenty years. I use to get so excited, I couldn’t get any sleep the night before .. it was that special. Over the years, the excitement does fade .. and yes, I got some sleep before I hit the road. What’s so great about this convention you ask?? Well it’s a chance for this city boy to go out in the county and relax. There are farms surrounding the area, the Amish are cruising around in there little horse drawn carriages .. stuff like that. It’s really like going back in time in many ways, to a simpler way of life.
The convention is a blast .. it’s always great to see friends from across the country. During the day there are lectures and contests … ya, I slept late on Friday and missed the contest .. oops. At night there is the big stage show in the high school gym .. complete with the basket ball hoop above the stage. You won’t see me sitting in the audience though .. I’m actually part of the stage crew. It’s amazing what we do behind the scenes to make it all happen on stage .. you wouldn’t believe it.
The time away goes fast .. I’ve had so many great memories in that little town. I forgot how amazing the sky looks at midnight, in the middle of a cemetery .. but that’s a story for another time.

I’ve really got a taste for some of that Five Star Pizza .. but I think I’m a little out of their delivery area …


P.S. Hey Blade .. do you still want to be my little brother??

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