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Vegas Baby … Day One

It’s been a crazy month .. I’ve been away quite a bit, so I’m trying to catch up on things once again. I flew out to Vegas last Tuesday for a few days of rest .. but of course, I didn’t get much. First thing on Wednesday Greg, Dan and I met up with our little friend Blade and his dad .. all the way from Michigan. They talked me into indoor skydiving .. something I haven’t done yet .. so we suited up. Dan bailed out .. as he was looking like death warmed over at 11am .. so Greg took his place. After signing our life away … and taking full responsibility for our stupidity, we were ready to go. Basically you jump into the output of a DC10 engine .. and fly. Of course it wasn’t as easy as it appeared .. and Blade was already doing spins and turns, crazy stuff. You’ll be glad to know we all survived .. and went for lunch at the Peppermill, a really cheesy Vegas hangout with mirrors and neon all over the place. We stopped at the Fashion Show mall and said our goodbyes to Blade and his dad.

Dan was working in the WGM Show at 6pm. so we met up with Quissy and had dinner at some cool place at the Red Rock Casino. I don’t remember what it was called … but it was good stuff. We had a quick tour of the Casino and it was time to get back to the strip to see the Amazing Jonathan at 10:00pm. We met up with Dan again .. and it was guys night out. I think that was it for the first day in Vegas .. ya a bit much, but it was just the beginning of my adventure.


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409