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Shadows ..

Today was a long day .. and I’m tired. After taking care of things around the house .. I got the pool ready for the little monster. As you can see in the photo .. Rex really likes playing in the water. Then it was time to hit the road .. off to the BK Lounge in Streamwood. After three hours of walk around magic, I headed over to Schaumburg to drop off some equipment. Now it was time to meet up with little Danny .. so we cruised over to Starbucks for a chat. Funny thing is .. I don’t even drink coffee .. now that would make a good trivia question .. for all you stalkers out there. Anyway .. I get sidetracked easily .. and it’s about 11 o’clock, I’m gettin’ sleepy .. so I head home.
My day isn’t over just yet .. first, I have to check on Jenna .. she hasn’t been acting right .. so we might have to go to the vet later today. Once she’s asleep .. it was out the door again .. around midnight for a 1/2 mile walk with little Rex .. ah .. now this is what got me thinking tonight. As we were walking .. the street light played tricks with our shadows. At one point, Rex’s shadow is stretched out .. looking very much like a full grown shepherd, just like the familiar shadow of my buddy Rocky. For a moment .. it was almost like he was walking beside me once again .. if only in the shadows …


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Trusted Family Entertainment for Over 25 Years! Call Now 630.579.9409